Eva Phoenix is the stage name used in recent years by Eva Fernández (Vitoria, 1975), as an analogy with The Phoenix Bird, which rises from its ashes a thousand and one times.

As a child she began musical studies, studying music theory and piano. Being a teenager, she became interested in the flute; first the Irish whistle, and later in the transverse flute and recorder. For three decades she has regularly played in Celtic jam sessions in the Madrid area and has played in several groups of this style. She has also been part of Medieval, Baroque, and jazz groups.

She has taken singing lessons and wants to go further into this field due to the potential it has as a path to self-knowledge. It is said that singing is the language of the soul.

This diverse background is revealed in her songs, which do not embrace a specific style, but present touches of various sounds and harmonies. The lyrics refer to circumstances and situations that she is experiencing in her life, with the intention of moving from the individual to the collective, and present universal themes that can touch everyone’s heart.

She has a Geology Degree and has always combined both activities with the same intensity and passion, nourished by link between music and nature.